Free wi-fi is not always good wi-fi…

It had been my intention to blog each day in London as it happened – unfortunately free wi-fi is not always good wi-fi, and my mini laptop, which I thought I could use to blog, decided that it’s battery could not last more than a few minutes at a time. 

We have been back from London two weeks now, and still I haven’t found the time to upload any photos or sort through anything from our trip, because life got hectic both at home and work. A client’s event to prepare materials for, covering for staff holidays and a broken down shower will do that 🙂 All that overtime will come in useful to pay for the shower! 

Still I am feeling optimistic that I will be able to upload some pictures of our trip and blog about our adventures soon: I now have every other Friday off work as the boss agreed to change my contract rather easily! Its nice having a job that’s so flexible, even if it doesn’t pay much! So starting in March, I will have a bit more free time, and if the time off is productive, I will take the leap (and the drop in money that comes with it) and have every Friday off.

Coming soon, a review of the hotel, some pictures from our trip, some writing about our visits to various places, and a mini Sherlock tour of London. I feel lucky to have such a tolerant fiancee who didn’t mind being dragged around London to find some of the more out the way places =D


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