2014 – A Creative Year?

This year my new years resolution is to get back in touch with the creative side of myself that I enjoyed a lot during my childhood.

This is a side of myself that has been buried for long enough beneath life’s day to day necessities, most recently a desk job where I spend the majority of time completing dull business tasks such as checking invoices, preparing reports and wishing that the boss would respond to my requests to get involved in more creative tasks. Towards the end of last year, I had given up on waiting for this to happen, and decided to start up a few projects of my own to pass the time, with the aim of eventually getting a creative job or becoming self employed. So I have started to plot a novel, started to write a Sherlock/Dr Who Crossover fan fiction (just for fun, and will attempt to finish and post it here!), draw, take a few photographs and think about getting involved in some graphic design. I’m hoping that keeping a blog will keep me on task and more motivated, alongside reducing my work to a 4 day week.

So, It’s February, and its very cold outside, (although the snow in the header of the blog is actually last years, but I thought I would indulge in it!) and I have been doing a lot of writing these past couple of days, despite a persistent migraine. I’m hoping that this will continue (the writing, not the migraine!) despite being on vacation in London next week for Valentines. My mini laptop is at the ready to blog our adventures and my camera phone ready to take lots and lots of pictures, for although I have lived in England all my life, I have never been sightseeing in our capital city!

So, we will be visiting a few of the iconic locations from BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ as well as doing a bit of shopping, visiting a few landmarks, museums and enjoying a week away from work. I’m feeling creative and positive for the first time in a long time!


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